Sunday, 27 September 2015


My parents came back from Hong Kong the other day.
They have had a wonderful trip, I have to admit I have been jealous.
But my parents were kind enough to go shopping for me ^^
Among a lot of things they bought I got these pants from Lowrys farm!
I wasn't too sure about the size so I chose a bigger just because. They fit very well!
So HAPPY for these ^^

Price: ¥ 6,372(税込)/ 599HKD

発売日: 2015/08/24
品番 568097
タイプ パンツ
サイズ M, L
カラー チェック15, ストライプ80
素材 ポリエステル64% レーヨン34% ポリウレタン2%
重さ 約 450g

You can purchase it here!
Pic and info @ Lowrys Farm

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