Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I really wanted a new skirt, and in Japan there are so many of them.
It took me almost a week before I bought this one, however the picture doesn't really tell, it looks way nice in real life.
I like the length and I found a perfect top for it. I was actually inspired by Kyo-chan. I'll try to see if I can find a pic of the top and share. Anyway back to the skirt, although it's a darker colour, I really think it's great for this coming season. I like the fabric a lot, despite being a kind of fabric that attracts a lot. Since it's a bit longer, I can pull it up towards my belly and having the top underneath, it gives a slightly older look, but it looks really cute.
I'm very happy with this purchase. The original price is stated below, however because of Golden Week I got it at 40% off I believe ^^

Price 4,212円(税込)

サイズ表記 M
総丈 55cm
ウエスト(ゴムあり) 58cm
ヒップ 130cm

You can purchase it here

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