Sunday, 24 May 2015

15.SS フラワーストーン2連リング

I saw this online before I went to Japan. Then during the final days of our stay I was reminded of it and went straight into the store. Luckily they had it in stock.
They also had matching earrings, I will post them later... ^^
It's one size, and lucky me to have quite small fingers. I prefer the big ring with the flower, but I will probably use the set. I chose silver because I recently bought a ring in rose gold.

価格 2,160円(税込)
Colour: シルバー

サイズ表記 M
たて 1.0cm(モチーフ)
よこ 2.0cm(モチーフ)
全長 5.1cm(指周り)」

You can purchase them here

Pics and info @ Cecil McBee

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