Monday, 4 July 2011

Time for a change...

So I felt bored and felt like changing design...
As you can see it now has a background with ARASHI!!! aka. The love of my life.. hahaha

Also.. I saw that I have had readers from all over the world.. THANKS for checking my blog and hope you find something interesting... (^^;;)
And sorry for you who don't know Swedish, recently I have been writing most in Swedish, and probably will write a lot in Swedish in the future as well, however I will try to write lots in English too!!

When I go to Singapore, Taiwan, S.Korea and Japan this summer I'll probably write mostly in English since I won't bring my laptop with me this time..since it's only a 3 weeks trip!!

ENJOY the SUMMER season... I do! (^0^)

Today's song.. 카라(KARA) - Go Go Summer

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