Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pissed off!

So after class i more or less ran down to the station to catch my train back home!
However to my surprise i saw that theses was no train!which is leaving me to wait more than an hour! (T_T)
Seriously I'm in a quite big city and wants to go to the bigger one, then does it make any sense that there is 2 hours between the train departures?
C'Mon!! If i would have been outside in the middle of nowhere fine but this is!! It makes me wonder also it makes me even more irritating, why does the Swedish public transportation have to suck so bad?

Wasn't it enough with it snowing this morning?
Today turns out to suck!and makes me wanna leave Sweden even faster!
Not sure if it's better in Canada still then i won't commute between cities!

Also i think i base my way of thinking because of my previous lifestyle in Asia!
I think the Korean "hurry hurry" effect is growing strong on me! Then again who wants to wait when others walk forward?!

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