Sunday, 25 March 2012


So these past couple of weeks it has been all about S. Korean 1st generation boyband SHINHWA. Yesterday and Today they held their comeback concert in Seoul for all the fans who have been waiting for their return for the past 4 years! (still cannot believe 4 years has already passed... for their last cd I ran off Kyobo in Gwanghwamun, Seoul after class just to get my copy of the new limited version of the cd XD)
The tickets sold out within 40 min.. some say it's fast.. I'd say it's slower than I imagined it, consider it's SHINHWA but then again it was through Interpark, guess they have other rules than Gmarket.
I never used Interpark, my friend usually got me tickets through them since my account was weird :S

Anyway I've reading their official twitter and other media.
I hope HyeSung oppa will be fine, as he was taken to hospital with an injury in the middle of the concert. Also heard that Andy oppa hurt his back but was more or less okay.

I just found a fan cam from the concert showing them dancing and sining to their latest single VENUS.
What can I say but I'm B I A S E D!! And cannot wait to see even more performaces from them.

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