Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Kings are back!

The Kings of K-pop are back! I'm of course talking about Shinhwa!
After a few years of silence, due to military service, they are now back to take over the Kpop stage!
I think many people are excited and there have been lots of shows with the guys!
They have shared stories which have made me a even bigger fan of them!

I have to say the album is super good and strong! They have really put together a great album for all the fans and we will watch them once again take over the Kpop world!
I love the title tracks Venus and Hurts! I cannot stop playing the songs!!! But in all... I like them all!! ^^ however Venus is THE best :P


01 On the Road
02 Hurts
03 Venus
04 Red Carpet
05 Move With Me
06 Let It Go
07 Stay
08 Welcome
09 Be My Love
10 Re-Love
11 Breathin'

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