Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dinner in Nagoya

After Osaka we headed to Nagoya...
Where we mer up with M-unnis ^^
They took us to a restaurant themed with food from Miyazaki, Kyushu.
I think my mum enjoyed it a it was very japanese styled!

I haven't met Ma-chan for two years and Mi-chan since last july.
Anyway with the drinks going and delicious food our tension flew sky high - agepoyo ^^

Also I tried raw chicken!! Its a speciality from the miyazaki region.
And it was delicious...weird but delicious ^^

The waiters also had a lot of fun with us as my mum was the only foreginer there ^^

I have missed to hang out with M-unnis.. they sure know how to have a great time.

Now its time to head back to Tokyo.
I don't want to leave but that's how it is.

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