Thursday, 12 December 2013

Osaka sightseeing

Another early morning,  we headed to Tokyo station to catch the shinkansen train to Osaka.
Before boarding we grabbed some breakfast,  Japanese things.
Matcha frappuchino from starbucks and katsu-sandwich ^^

The ride took about 3hours.
First we went down to Umeda and Umeda sky building.
Amazing view but kinda cold.
I have wanted to visit the sky building for quite some time but never had the chance.

Afterwards we headed down to Namba for lunch, Osaka style of course.
We had okonomiyaki..mum ordered Osaka styled one and I Hiroshima styled.
So delicious but impossible to finish.
We were so surprised to see these small and skinny japanese girls next to us finishing one serving of okonomiyaki yeah like it was not enough to begin with ^^;;

Afterwards we walk around the shopping arcade... I bought a coat from Cecil Mcbee ^^

And before we knee it we had to head to Shin-Osaka to meet with sacchan for coffee.
It was so nice to meet her... I so miss her!

In all a great but way too short stay in Osaka.

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