Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Not sure what happened here?

I love Matt Damon, but when I saw this I was like.. WTF?
Yepp, it's a made up story but why China's Great Wall and a White man?

Are you seriously doing this again? Last time I laughed was at the movie Karate Kid made by Will Smith. It was about Kung-Fu! Really...? It's like Apples and Pears.
But it's not the first time.. Hollywood is what it is.

And this time China's Great Wall gets a WHITE man to save it! (^^;;) Not sure if I should laugh or cry. Especially since the director himself is Chinese and most likely are many investors Chinese too.
But, maybe this is what they want, and in the end it will get people to go and see it. Both in West and China.  Personally for me, I would have found it more interesting with a Asian male lead such as Any Lau, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Takuya Kimura, Ken Watanabe, Byung-Hun Lee, or Min-Sik.  At least the appearance of an Asian man would be more correct.
In my opinion.. Don't make a movie about Asian History and have a white man to come and save it! That's not reality it is just laughable.
But in all, it just shows that everything is just about money, not a story if it's China. Africa, South America or Europe.
I bet they have already made a Chinese version of this movie already and made a lot of money. Then someone got greedy and thought, let's make a Hollywood version and make some more! So ironic and tragic.

I read some of the articles but seriously...Can this be called #Whitewashing?

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