Monday, 15 August 2016

SMAP will be disband

Johnny & Associates made an official announcement that SMAP will be disbanding on December 31!
I still cannot believe it, I mean they have been a group since I was born! But like most things in life things comes to an end.. I think it will take some time until I fully understand!


For always supporting SMAP we thank you very much.

Many have been worring about SMAP's future activities, now we would like to report on the conclusion after consulting each member multiple times.

Since their debut SMAP has been doing group activities for 25 years, will be disbanding after December 31, 2016.

After receiving the members' intentions to stay in the company and continue their group activities back in January of this year. Our whole company has been preparing support in many ways for SMAP. Starting in February until August 10 we have spent over 6 months in consultations both individually and with all members, proposing usual appearances on music shows, holding live concerts and commemorative events for the 20th anniversary of their TV show, as well as the 25th anniversary since their CD debut. However during the consultations some members expressed "It's difficult to continue as a group with the current situations", which caused the group's non-appearances on the music shows during July.

In August we suggested them to take a break as a group in order to have some time to think it all until the whole situation settles in a positive way, for the sake of people who are waiting. But some of the members preferred disbanding rather than taking a break. Although it was a tough decision with respect towards the members who have kept running until now we thought that it is difficult to continue as a group if some members are wishing to disband.

We feel terrible for our inadequacy not to be able to meet the support and expectations of the fans who were eagerly looking forward to the 25th-anniversary concerts and event. Please accept our apology.

Even though SMAP is disbanding after this year all of them will continue staying with the company. And each one will do their best in solo activities, so we would like to ask you for your continuous support just like now.

We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

And there has also been statements by each member, to me it looks more clearly who wants out and who wants in..original article: NHK
So sad it had to come to this still I can't grasp it, although I somewhere also understand...!
All work colleagues will part sooner or later, but since they have been one group for such a long time and yet have had their solo work too, I wonder why now!?

Nakai Masahiro
To the fans and people concerned, please allow us to announce that we, SMAP, will be disbanding. I'm so sorry to have troubled and worried you. I thank you for all of your support for us over the years. Please forgive us for coming up with this kind of outcome. I am truly sorry..."

Kimura Takuya
About this group's disbandment, I am honestly regretful. But for the 25th anniversary live or our group activities, there is nothing I can do if five of us aren't together, so all I can do now is to understand. Ignoring the feelings of the fans who supported us a lot and the staff members, it ended up with such a deplorable outcome as "disbandment". I'm loss for words.

Inagaki Goro
To the fans and the staffs, I am truly sorry to have troubled and worried you. We thought that it was difficult to continue our group activities in our current situation, so we have decided to "disband" though it was a tough decision. I hope you understand our intentions. Thank you very much for the past 28 years.

Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
We, SMAP, have chosen the road to disband. To the fans who have always cheered for us and the other parties who have supported us, thank you very much for the 28 years since the formation of the group. We will continue devoting ourselves, so I will be happy if you watch us over warmly.

Katori Shingo
To the fans and the staff members, we, SMAP, are disbanding. I sincerely would like to give my gratitude for many people who supported us and also I deeply apologize for this sudden announcement.

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