Tuesday, 16 August 2016

B-day dinner @ Räkan

I have passed this place for so many years and finally we decided to have my b-day dinner there.
A lot of foreigners were there but also Swedes. 
We got a nice table, however it started with that a Japanese child dropped her glass of Fanta and I got some over me, the waitress did not ask me if I was fine, as I do need to send my dress on dry cleaning! But luckily the child was ok, I brushed most of the Fanta off my clothes and shoes.
I got 100grams of fresh shrimps for starter, I got dirty but worth it as it was delicious! My darling took a Toast Skagen. Also that was DELICIOUS.
As for main I took a baked cod with Swedish Västerbotten Cheese served with a lobster sauce.
And darling chose Moules Frites. All was delicious, I couldn't imagine a better b-day dinner and of course with my other half!! We celebrated last Saturday as I'm off to West Sweden today for work.

Thanks darling for the best B-day date

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