Sunday, 14 August 2016

Stockholm Korean Culture Festival

Yesterday we attended the Korean Culture Festival in Stockholm.
A lot more people turned up than I thought. It was fun, but the line for food... OMG they should have pre-pared "lunch boxes". My darling stood in line for 2,5 hours!! I was like..seriously? How could they not have thought about this? I got some Hoddeok, a Korean snack, also there I stood in line for 45 min! But luckily it was delicious.
It was nice to see that so many people like Korea, but yes for next time there are some improvements that needs to be fixed. A lot of Kpop fans, next time it would be fun if they could bring some kpop bands, it would be awesome. Also more things to buy.. foods, merchandise etc.

In all great weather and company and food!!

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