Saturday, 10 May 2008

Loads of マキシマム うまい food..

It's kind of fun when I think of it...
I have been on a diet for quite some time now, and well I'm still on it but I'm not ONLY eating my diet, I also mix with sallad and no-carbs..
Well I have eaten some but not much, and somehow I do not miss carbs.. I love sallad, salmon, chicken, and some meat.
This week I have been eating out three times! I have to say it's a record...
I mean beeing in Sweden and all.. when I'm overseas I eat out almost everyday..but since I'm home I usually do not eat out.
And guess what.. all three times = Asian food.

Wednesday - Yookgaejang ((Korean food)) at Nam Kang
Together with my classmates..
I love Yookgaejang, it's definantely one of my fave Korean dishes, however it wasn't as spicy as it should have been!? strange enough..!!
*うまい* next time put some more chili in it ^^

Friday - Yakuniku ((Japanese BBQ)) at Murasaki
Me and Linnea did some BBQ at the table, it was very fun.. it was Linnea's first time.. but she liked it..!!
we got "fresh" meat and vegetables, rice and some sauce ^^
*マキシマム うまい* however quite expensive, then again it's not so common in Sweden so I guess I have to put up with it.

Saturday - Sushi+Japanese+chinese food at Dragon House
My dear brother Mickey came home from Örebro..for a day-visit..
and we had dinner at Dragon house... loads of sushi - salmon, shrimp, egg, tofu, pilgrim scallop and some fish ^^
We also tried some other Japanese and chinese food.. which was totally okay.. maybe one of the better Chinese restaurants in Stockholm!

However I found myself everytime not eating much rice.. maybe 1/10 of my ricebowl!
I guess it's good.. carbs are not good to eat anyway so.. :) :)

I quouted 翔ちゃん from 嵐
"マキシマム うまい" =MAXIMUM Yummy
"うまい"= Yummy

Around 6 Weeks to go...Countdown Korea 2008

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I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
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