Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Final dinner

I'm so slow... half a week has passed already.
then again the more I think about it the more lonely I feel, as only half a week has passed it means it's 2,5 weeks to go!!! if only it was the other way around!
Anyway, my bf kept his promise and made me kimbap, not that he wanted to eat it I suppose as he left for Korea the following morning but I wanted it, so Mr. Gentleman took out his cooking skills and did a fantastic job! ^^
Although I wish I was with him right now, I know he needs this time to be with his family and friends, especially since he hasn't seen them for a long time. Yes I got to stop to be selfish!! Sorry I can't help myself, I guess more selfish posts will come *laughs* (Like not most posts are..haha I mean this is MY blog)

Looks delicious... no?

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