Friday, 21 August 2015

Siemens Slicer MS70002N

This is what my parents gave me for my birthday. I sorta already knew it before my b-day still super excited. Some of you might wonder.. What is that?
Let me tell you ^^ This is a electronic slicer. My main purpose for this one is to slice meat.
When cooking Asian foods, or BBQ, this makes it easier. You can buy a big piece then cut it up.
My mum has an old one you have to do everything manually, however it's really hard to get the fine cut ones. A friend of mine said he had one of these and since my b-day was coming up I thought this was the best present to get. A little bigger than I thought but I'm really happy with my present.
I haven't used it yet, but soon I will ^^ 

Manifacture: Siemens
Model name:  MS70002N
Height (cm) 23,00
Wide (cm) 36,00
Deep (cm) 26,00

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