Monday, 3 August 2015

Dinner @ Socialize

In Norrland the other weekend I wanted to try something Northen for dinner, also to show my bf a different side of the Swedish cuisine. We managed to find a place called Socialize. I called a few hours in advance to see if they had a table and luckily they had. Quite many to be surprised (it was a few things going on in the city last weekend so I want's sure if it be packed or not).
The restaurant did not look like much from the outside but it nice inside, we sat inside due to the wind was blowing quite hard for my taste. The inside restaurant was located in the cellar of the house. And there were not so many people when we came but as we got through with our dinner more and more showed.

I already posted about the appetizer, Palt a few days ago, After reading the menu I decided to take the birch smoked Top Round Steak of Moose/Elk with artichokes, almond potatoes and sliced turnip.
Or the dish actually came with färskpotatis (New potatoes) however I asked kindly if I could get almond potatoes instead, since it's a more Northern touch to it. ^^ And they said it was no problem.

We had a great dinner, my bf chose a sausage which also was great.
A very nice dinner date with the best company you can imagine. ^^

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