Sunday, 2 August 2015

Breakfast @ Sophies Canelé

I have posted some deliciousness from this place before, the café is called Sophies Canelé and is located in Vasastan and on the way to work.
As a date before my bf left for his vacation we went there to have breakfast.
I really wanted to try the canelé. According to various papers is has won a few awards. It's sure a special kind of "cookie" and at the first bite it was a bit strange but as I kept on chewing I understood.. yes it's addictive!!
Delicious breakfast sandwich too, it brought me back to Paris for a while.
The sun was also shining and I had the best company you can imagine!!
I cannot wait until he is back!!!

I also bought a bag of deliciousness home to my parents, bread, and various kinds of pastries.
I really recommend to visit Sophie Canelé's bakery. It's just a few meters away from St Eriksplan's underground station!!

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