Thursday, 27 August 2015

걸리시 러플 블라우스

My darling thinks MIXXO has not good quality, but I don't care, they are sorta cheap so it doesn't matter ^^. Anyway, my darling got me this one for my birthday as well as all the make-up items. He's the best no?? I don't think a lot of men would go shopping for their girlfriends/wives! ^^
Anyway, this is a really simple top but can be used for many occasions, therefore I wanted it.
And luckily my darling found it! ^^ I got the M size.. it's a bit tight over my chest but it's ok. Working out a lot anyway so hopefully I will tight my back and it won't be an issue soon XD

Price 39 900 Won
Item code: MIBL52412R
Sizes: S, M, L

You can buy it here

Pics and info @ 미쏘

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