Saturday, 16 April 2016

말해! 뭐해?

Here's another OST I like from the drama Descendants of the Sun.
This song is by K.Will and it's called Talk Love. Korean title is 말해! 뭐해?, which literary means Tell me, What are you up to?.

It has been a perfect song to way up to these past days ^^
It's so cheerful!


Let's break it up.
말해 means "to talk".
말 means "talk/say"
해 comes from 하다 and means "to do"
It can also means, tell me or say something. it all depends on HOW you say it.
But since they put a ! after I say tell me.

뭐해 means what are you doing.
해 comes from 하다 and means "to do"
뭐 means what.

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