Wednesday, 18 April 2018

[체리블라썸 페스티벌 KIT02] 달콤한 말린 벚꽃 솜사탕

I saw this on their FB page and I fell in love with it.
I went online to buy it. Once I finally got it I was kinda pissed off, No pouch came!!
That was one of the reasons, I mean it looks cute and would be of use!
I also like the whole cherry blossom theme, I got the pink version as I think those colours fit me better.
The eye shadows as usual is not that pigmented but when being mixed you can build a great look. The lipstick has a very nice colour but my lips needs more moisture. I think I need to fix my lips..haha 
They are so dry. I hope it will be better as spring comes.
I got the pack for 14 900 won, aprox 12 USD.


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