Friday, 3 March 2017

German feast

 I came back from Germany the other day.

And I have to share this feast!! I'm in a wonder how they think 1 person can eat all of this?
I hate to waste but I cannot just eat because of that.

The bread we shared, three of us. We were keen to understand what this black one was!
According to the staff it was squid ink and cranberries. it was delicious but not what I thought!
I wonder how they came up with it ^^

Then for the main - kale and lots of meats, all pork.
Pork cheak, porkchop (?!) and sausage!! and some baked potatoes with bacon pieces. Yes bring on the meat XD
I tried to force myself to eat half but it was not possible. I felt so bad when the waiter came, but I couldn't eat more! :(
A nice restaurant and the atmosphere inside was cozy. I hope I can go there again!

#Bar & Restaurant THE LOCKS, Marienhof 6, 22399 Hamburg

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