Thursday, 16 March 2017

We seriously need to change

Everybody has seen the story from last week, Prof Robert E Kelly talking about North and South Korea and his children interrupting the interview.
The comments afterwards, seriously, we are in 2017 right?

For how long will we be stuck with stereotypes?
In 2017 a WHITE man cannot have an ASIAN wife...? 
Nope, She must be the nanny! SERIOUSLY!? Are we really that far behind? 
Can a White only marry a white, black a black, Asian and Asian? Because please forbid to cross any of them?!

I'm loss for words... I thought with people travel the globe, internet access and globalization that people would not be new to the matter, still when "we" see it our eyes go (O_o;;)
I think it's tragic that we have come so far with technology that advance our daily life but our minds are still stuck in the past!

We, human beings, seriously need to change!!!!

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