Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Arashi in Tokyo Dome

I cannot believe I got to see them again. It has been three years since last.
And to be honest I was so star struck that I cannot remember everything, but I will write a bit!
I got my first choice on day. I chose Monday to kinda get closer to get tickets. As many Japanese people work over time it's hard for them to leave the office and make it to 6pm.
We had AWESOME seats in Arena. The center stage was right in front of us. We also had the floating stage passing above us. I dressed up for the first time, I had bought the parka and I had attached the pins to it. I also had brought  Swedish flag with me and penlight in the other hand! I kinda missed out to go to Harajuku before the concert, they usually sell cheap goods to wear for concerts, but it was ok. I made an effort ^^

Japanese are so polite, it was also easy to find our seats, but it was tight!! The concert started on time more or less, it kicked off with Ups and Downs, to me a Vegas inspired stage! It was a greats start.
I was completly starstruck, I'd never imagine Arashi would come this close.
I was so happy when they started singing Oh Yeah followed by Love so Sweet. It brought back so many memories.
Sho-kun's solo also came quite fast. A very cozy and cute setting.
I had a hard time to focus as I had to twist and turn my body to see everything, I mostly followed Sho-kun..haha

Arashi even brought out a car and had a selfie camera ^^ So much fun! Also to hear Step and Go, wow.. I cannot believe so many years have passed. it feels like it was last year it was released. 
Riida's solo, OMG... the screen shots. The faces he made, I never guessed he'd do something like that. It totally changed my view of the whole song. I couldn't stop laughing and at the same time be amazed by the one and only! Riida is a great performer!!!!!! Most songs from the new album was there, All memories of being an Arashi fan passed by. It felt unbelieable. I had so anticipated Power of Paradise, it's a song I have listned to for the past months, I love it so much!!
Matsujun had to struggle to pull of his solo, it made me cry, he really tried but this song was too much for him, it did not sound good.

Then it came, my fave song of all.. Miles Away. Up they came on their own small platforms, the wind underneath blew up a round shaped fabric making it look like clouds, it was such a great performace, I so wished I could have had recorded it. It brought me to tears, such wonderful way to perform this song. I cannot wait for the dvd, I will play it over and over. The members dressed in white made it feel like a dream and it made me think of my love back home. This was followed by Hatenai sora, a song I think has meant a lot to many Arashi fans. It was so beautiful and it was just perfect. 
As for the medley I was happy to hear many old songs, but I hate Kitto Daijoubu, don't ask but I found it boring, however they always sing it. I had rather prefered Sakura Sake or Subarashi Sekai.

Aiba-chans solo, it's like watching a 5 year old, so much fun..haha
The lyrics were a bit weird but it was a fun performance.
I was quite surprised that they did not have so many costumes this time, maybe the penlights cost too much? They could control the penlights, it was quite cool to see. But I guess that's why the wardrobe did not look as fancy as before. Still it's Arashi so it doesn't really matter.

Only one Encore, I had wished for two, I know I got greedy.
It has been quite a while since I heard エナジーソング絶好調超, I love the song, it makes me super genki! All that I needed.
But afterwards I read that the other concerts in Tokyo ended earlier than ours, I thought as it was Monday it would end earlier. Anyway it made me happy to know they brought it all!
Arashi finished off with Daylight, one of my fave singles from 2016. I was like, they cannot miss that one out! It was awesome to hear it live.

As for confetti first we got heart shaped ones, in all Arashi colours.
Then we got the longer one with the Are You Happy logo on. in Silver. Very cute.
We were lucky to get them as we sat in the middle, I could see fans going crazy to get some of them!
We got a lot..hehe
And of course we also tried to distribute to others, but the staff cleaned them away quite fast.

1.Ups and Downs
3.I seek
4.Oh Yeah!
5.Love so sweet
7.To my homies
9.Step and Go
10.Don’t you get it
11.Bad boy
12.Two to Tango
15.Power of the Paradise
16.Baby Blue
17.Miles away
26.Trouble maker
27.Lφve Rainbow

32.a day in our life

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