Sunday, 27 November 2016

つるとんたん 東急プラザ

A few friends of mine said that this place would be delicious. It's called Tsuru Ton Tan.
Last Tuesday evening I met up with a friend for late dinner. This place is super popular and there are only a few locations in Tokyo. I think we lined up for 30 min.
Kinda ironic as when we entered the place they had several empty tables.
The menu was huge, I had a hard time to decide.
In the end I took a miso based nabe. My friend took a cold dish of udon.
You could choose the amount of udon, I decided on level 1,5 as it looked like it'd come with a lot.
I made a good choice. My friend took level 2, after finishing she said, I could have eaten number 3 I think. For me 1,5 was enough..hahaha

I'd recommend this place if you visit Tokyo.
We went to the one in Ginza, they also have it in Roppongi and Shinjuku.
I passed by the place in Shinjuku, it's close to Kabuki-cho but it looked quite dodgy so for women, I'd not recommend this location at night.
The one in Ginza is open until 28:00, for you who might wonder what time that is, it is 4 am!
Asian way to show it's night time not to confuse people I guess?! Although I always have to think one extra time I see those times..haha My clock stops at 24:00.

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