Thursday, 15 September 2016

Are you Happy?

The title of Arashi's new album and upcoming tour is Are you Happy?
And if you ask me, it's a double HAPPY!

1. There's a new album.
2. I'm gonna go and see the tour!!
I got tickets for Tokyo Dome!!! 



Christie Cabahug said...

Congrats in hitting concert tickets!
I have a question regarding tickets being shipped. What If you are using a friend's address in japan, and then you win tickets, but when the tickets are delivered to that friend's address, is it possible that your friend can be the one to claim the tickets on your behalf? Or will it become complicated if you are not physically there to claim them?

C-Line said...

@Christie As long as you put C/O and your friend's name it should not be a problem.
Japan Post does not deliver any mail to an address if the name on the post box is not correct.
I mean of course if he/she has 10 memberships on her address then maybe they will suspect it- But I have several friends and their friends who has at least 2 memberships, one in his/her name and one is his/her mother's name. This in order to have a chance to hit.