Wednesday, 14 September 2016

At the top of the world - Dachstein

At Hallstatt we decided to go for the mountain view, we took a local bus from the city center, it took about 15 min and cost €2,1 one way.
The bus went to a  close village and back.
We bought the Panorama view for Dachstein mountain. To be honest we thought we were heading for the Hallstatt look out instead we ended up here, a great mistake!
The cost for Panorama View ticket was €29.9, well enough to see. We skipped the caves etc.
The view was spectacular, like a fantasy. I still cannot believe such view exist. I got some funny looks due to my choice of dressing, most wore hiking outfits. But hey.. I was on vaca and it was a sunny day! I think my outfit was the best ^^

If you come to Hallstatt, pay this place a visit, I'd say this one takes a whole day, especially if you want to visit the caves etc.
We did not manage to do everything due to time. But at least we got to see what we wanted!

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