Thursday, 15 September 2016

How to get to Hallstatt

How to get there...

By Air
To Vienna or Salzburg and take a train or bus.

By Train / Bus
You can get here from Salzburg or Vienna.
The easiest way is to book tickets in advance from ÖBB
Don't forget to print your tickets! Or visit a ÖBB ticket center.
Salzburg - Hallstatt aprox 2h 10-20 min
Vienna - Hallstatt aprox. 3h 30-45 min

From Hallstatt station you need to take a ferry, each ferry is adjusted to the train schedule, please go to the back and chose a corner so you can take some awesome photos.

We took the earliest train out from Vienna at 05.55 and latest return time of the day 18.32.
Trains were late both when we went and on our way back. Still they all connected and we got to where we wanted.

By Car
From Salzburg around 1,5 hours
From Vienna around 2,5 hours

Please note: There's no free parking in Hallstatt, if you stay over night check with your hotel.
Parking fee varies depending of the hours you are staying, you can read more here.

For more info on how to get to Hallstatt please visit here.

Foods and drinks
There are lots of restaurants and cafe around the city, please walk around the main streets and you will find something in your taste.
Service is so so, but that's what we felt with most places in Austria, still they expect tips for their service! You can find a big supermarket close to Hallstatt Lahn (Busstop).

Hotel cost varies due to day of your choice and season. Besides hotel you can also find guest houses and apartments.

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