Friday, 28 October 2016

Are You Happy?

It's finally here, it felt like ages. I pre-ordered it back in August I believe ^^
And this album is more special to me, just like LOVE as I'll attend the tour this year! It's also getting closer, I cannot believe it.

I will write reviews for that later ;) Well, back to the album. I have mixed feelings, some are AWESOME and some are so-so. But it's a great mix of songs. I'd say that some sounds are typical JE, I could see Tackey and Tsubasa do 青春ブギ for some reason. ^^
My fave song is Miles Away, I love ballads and I was not surprised when I saw that O-chan is supervisor of it. 
As for solos I like O-chan's, his is always good! I like the mix of sound and O-chan's voice! And best of all I can listen to this song at the gym..hahaha 
Aiba-chan's solo is very A-chan style, not sure how it will be live, it has some difficult notes I think. And it would also suit TxT, but I bet it will be a fun performance.
And Matsujun's solo is also nice, it fits him. It's also a fun song I think it will be a great live performance!
Nino's is not like anything I expected, but I like it a lot! Well done Nino!! ^^
The best to last... Sho-kun's sounds like something Aiba-chan would do I think in many parts, but it's also VERY Sakurai Sho like. To sum it up a genki song and I think it will be fun to see live, Happy Hip-Hop Sho in a strange outfit! (^^;;)

Let the countdown begin!! Are you Happy? YES I AM ^^


1 DRIVE ※under the supervision of Jun M.
2 I seek
3 Ups and Downs
4 青春ブギ ※under the supervision of Masaki A.
5 Sunshine / 櫻井翔
6 復活LOVE
7 Amore / 相葉雅紀
8 Bad boy / 大野智
9 WONDER-LOVE ※under the supervision of Kazunari N.
10 また今日と同じ明日が来る / 二宮和也
11 Daylight
12 愛を叫べ
13 Baby blue / 松本潤
14 Miles away ※under the supervision of Satoshi O.
15 To my homies ※under the supervision of Sho S.
16 Don't You Get It

Regular edition

01 Don’t You Get It (ビデオ・クリップ)
02 Don’t You Get It (メイキング)

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