Monday, 14 May 2012

Just my luck...

One of my best friends in Japan is getting married this year, she told me already back in the beginning of the year and it made me super happy!
She also told me i was the first to know which made me happy ^^
Anyway so I've been telling me to let me know asap when the wedding ceremony will be! And she said she really wanted me there...
Then today she asked me until when i will be in Canada so i told her, then she told me the date of her wedding.
It's the same day i have my final exam! Which means i cannot go!
They are having a Christmas wedding which i think is wonderful, just that I'll miss out on seeing one of my best friends on one of her most important day of her life!

Just my luck! It totally sucks!
But it can't be changed...

Will have to wait for all the pictures!!

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