Monday, 15 February 2016

Lebanese girls dinner

Last Friday I met up with Fanny for dinner, We went to a Lebanese place.
I mistook the time, so I arrived way before our appointment..haha
Anyway since it was "Krogveckan", we got the meal super cheap
I chose this, lamb and beef platter with lots of deliciousness - veggies, humus etc.
I ate more than I should have had, I was full already at half, but I couldn't stop! it was too delicious to be thrown away ^^

Delicious baklava dessert,
I have never been a fan of baklava but this one was really good!!

The places is called Beirut Bistro and is located at Horsbergsstrand in Stockholm.
I think it's an awesome place to visit during the summer as it is close to the water.

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