Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Perfect Friday

Last Friday, we did not only go shopping at Mio, we got a bedspread and two candle holders.
We also bought some delicious take-away.
In the morning we had decided to eat hamburger, but wasn't sure from where. In the end we went to this small kiosk on Sveavägen which we have passed for quite a few times.
I had googled it earlier and it got good reviews, so the lot fell for that specific place.
We had to wait 30 min!! Sounds like a lot for just a burger and fries. But when we got home and took our first bites, we totally understood why. The man who made them did it with a lot of care, this is not like a McDonalds meal. This is so much more!
I'm really satisfied we chose this place!

Franky's is located on Sveavägen 77 C.

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