Friday, 19 February 2016

Marc by Marc Jacobs New Classic Marc Cutout Cosmic Coins Charm Bracelet new classic mark enamel logo & cut-out coin charm bracelet

I have been thinking about this.. should I or not?
But here it is, for Valentines my darling gifted me with this, I had joked and said I wanted it. However I didn't think he actually would get it for me!!

1. It's not cheap
2. We are saving money for our upcoming Asia travel
3. It's not like I couldn't get it myself.
The list can go on forever.

But I'm so overjoyed for this. I wore it on our Valentines date. It's absolutely gorgeous.
Like I said last week, I feel like the luckiest girl alive. He makes me happy every day!!
I love having him next to me!!!!

I got it before the actual day, I mentioned it... And, I got it in gray not black, however I couldn't find a picture online.

Size: Charm size: Portrait approximately 1.5 × approximately 1.5 cm charm: height approximately 1.3 × approximately 1.3 cm around the wrist: approximately 17 cm
Material: Brass, enamel

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