Monday, 9 January 2017

福袋 (Fukubukuro)

This could be great but it could also be a disaster!
I have never been in Japan on New Years so I have never had the chance to get one.
I'm talking about the Japanese Fukubukuro (Grab bags) or Lucky Bags as they are also known as.
Most stores sells them, they come at different prices depending on brands and items.
Clothes usually cost 10 000 yen (10 800yen w tax) and some also comes at 5000 yen.
You usually knows one or two items at least but the rest is a surprise.
As said in the beginning, it could be AWESOME but it could be a disappointment so be sure when buying.
I heard Apple had these in Japan a few years ago, I'm not an apple fan but the bags were awesome, they cost around 30 000yen but you got things worth 70 000-150 000yen!! IPod was the usual one, but some got IPads and MacBooks! as well as great headphones, speakers etc. Worth every single penny!!

This year after seeing videos on Youtube, I wanted Pokemon, Starbucks, Cecil McBee, Sanrio and Samatha Vega.
I thought Ingni and Lowry's Farm would have had been nice but after seeing the bags I was disappointed. And those two brands are among my fave!!
Also, note that quality is not always the best, some clothes stores make special items for these bags but sometime you get awesome things too... it's a lottery!

I hope that some day I will be able to get one ^^
See the Pokemon one below... looks awesome!

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