Thursday, 12 January 2017

La Famille Bélier

I bought the dvd almost a year ago, not kidding.
And I was supposed to see it while being on sick leave from my surgery last year. However for some reason that never happened!
I ended up seeing it a few days ago, better late than never I guess ^^
I enjoyed this movie. It is a few French movies that I like.
Or at least that has been released with Swedish/Eng sub!!
It's like a lot of Asian movies maybe, only the weird ones hit the big screen.
Anyway i liked this a lot. I really recommend this movie.
Also Louane is such a great singer!! :) The reason how I discovered this movie and her was because her songs was played in a store and through an app I discovered her. By "recording" the sound the app tells which song it is!! So awesome, a great discover!

In the Bélier family, sixteen-year-old Paula is an indispensable interpreter for her deaf parents and brother on a daily basis, especially in the running of the family farm. One day, a music teacher discovers her gift for singing and encourages Paula to participate in a prestigious singing contest in Paris, which will secure her a good career and a college degree. However, this decision would mean leaving her family and taking her first steps towards adulthood.

Karin Viard as Gigi Bélier
François Damiens as Rodolphe Bélier
Éric Elmosnino as M. Thomasson
Louane Emera as Paula Bélier
Roxane Duran as Mathilde
Ilian Bergala as Gabriel
Luca Gelberg as Quentin Bélier

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