Friday, 20 January 2017

살림하는 남자들

My new entertainment is the Korean variety show called Mr House Husband.
It's a KBS reality show where we follow 6 men doing houswork and parenting.
It's so hilarious to see the difference and the talks between them.
Some are so good, I told my darling to be more like some of them.
I enjoyed the cooking, my darling replied... why the hassle? You can just buy it at the store..hahaha

Some of the episodes has also given me some tips of cooking.
I want to try out the sausage mix and rice paper ^^
I'm not gonna do proper sausage but ingredients can be used for other kinds of food!

Too bad we live in Sweden, it's hard to make kimchi, it smells too much :(
It looks so delicious, I wanted to grab some through the screen.

I ate dumplings a few days ago, I want more... I want to make them too ^^
It's much tastier..hehe

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