Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The world of instant food

In the pack we received last Friday we besides the goodies I showed yesterday, we also receieved all of these!!!!!!!!
A bunch of instant noodles, microwaveable rice and dried laver with green tea.

Yes, you can get some of them here, but not all!
One of my darling's friend send us all of these.
I really wanted to try the "cheese" flavour of buldak, you might have seen several videos on Youtube when people challenge to eat this noodle.
This one comes with cheese, so it might be a bit less spicy.

Then we also got a new one, to me... Tan Tan Myeon.
I like it when eating in Asia at a restaurant but never tried instant.
I tried it last Friday because I was so curious and yes, it was DELICIOUS!!

We also got "Spagetti", I have never tried it, and lately I have been really keen on it, especially as it's instant but they are trying the "western" flavour. And it has been around for years.
Thank you oppa for sending these ^^

We also got some "jajjangmyeon", Shin ramyun and Jin ramyun.
As my darling is not good with spicy ones, we got mild flavour of the Jin Ramyun.

A small kind Happiness and well be eaten well over time, not to often as we need to think of our diets but are sure to be eaten within the next couple of months ^^

Some yes, we can get some of the items here, but we have noticed that Shin ramyun is not as spicy unless it's sold directly from S.Korea. They have produced some kind of "Western version" that is less spicy. Also, retail price here is not a joke... in Korea you get a pack of 5 for the price of 1 here!!
The rice is not a joke either, in Sweden you get two for the same price of the pack of 10 in Korea!

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