Tuesday, 31 January 2017

アンダーウェア / Atelier

Japanese web television drama developed by Fuji Television for Netflix. I found it while browsing around, I got hooked! I love that Netflix has more shows and movies that are Asian. I hope more people will see them and get the feeling that Asian dramas are awesome! I love how Kiritani Mirei is called "ugly" and unfashionable considering she is a model and always wear nice clothes..haha
The drama shows a lot of aspects of life and reminds you of a lot of thing you might go through, both men and women!
I highly recommend this drama if you have Netflix!

Title: Atelier
Japanese title: アンダーウェア (Underwear)
Release: 2015 (Japan)
Episodes: 13
Network: Fuji TV + Netflix
Airing: Netflix

Mayuko finds a job with a high-class lingerie manufacturer in Ginza. It is the story of a woman experiencing confusion, struggle and growth in a world with a new set of values different from any she has ever known, and seizing the Japanese dream. Atelier is a workplace-based coming-of-age novel drama, written to present the story of a working woman, with the setting of a glamorous world of lingerie manufacturer.

Mirei Kiritani as Mayuko Tokita
Mao Daichi as Mayumi Nanjo
Mayuko Kawakita as Yuri Kouno
Wakana Sakai as Mizuki Nishizawa
Ken Kaito as Jin Saruhashi
Maiko as Fumikaoru Iida
Masako Chiba as Reiko Tanaka
Dori Sakurada as Himeji Sousuke
Nicole Ishida as Sarikoromo Machida

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