Saturday, 7 January 2017

Latest addiction

My latest addiction to TV shows is Say Yes To The Dress.
TLC is my new fave channel. it has so many weird shows but for some reason interesting!
My fave of all of the shows is the original from NYC and Kleinfeld. It's insane what people pay for a dress. I mean it's ONE day and the dress is not the whole thing!! Imagine what more you can get for the money rather than just ONE dress?! But sure if you have the money be my guest.
You could probably take a flight to China and have it custom made with the same details but for way less!! All incl. Hotel, flight etc. To be honest, I had no idea the Wedding dress industry was like this and how much money people spend. But then again I have never been married so...
And maybe it's because it's TV and the US???

The one below, i think it's Atlanta..what can I say but OMG.
I thought finding a Wedding dress was hard. But it seems being a bridesmaid can be even tougher.
I think it's cool how the staff went around with this.
I'd telling her off, asking why so hard..these are your friends no? Do you want to keep them or not?
And if I was that friend, I'd walk out of the store saying bye-bye to the bride.

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