Friday, 10 February 2017

A new diet?

I have started to think, maybe this can be a new diet for me, I think I have shared mukbangs before but some time ago.
However, thinking about it as a diet...I mean..

1. It's mostly junk so it's bad for me anyway, better him than me ^^
2. I cannot get the foods in Sweden so there is nothing to do about the craving
3. It's entertainment

Do you know what Mukbang is??
It's Korean and Muk means eat and Bang is room, so roughly translate "eating room".
What it is, well.. a person eating a lot in front on the camera, kinda weird I know.
But, as they talk while eating and the sounds kinda makes you want to eat.
And yes somethings I get hungry but a lot of these things I cannot get in Sweden.
So I just have to suck it up..haha

Anyway, it's a way for me to keep "slim" yet "enjoy" the food, it's all about fooling the mind!!

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