Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines day dinner

We celebrated Valentines already last Satuday, this is to that today is a VERY busy day for the both of us and we really wanted to enjoy ourselves so therefore we moved it to the weekend.
I already showed you the flowers... I also got some pressies - giftcard and a dress from my darling.
He is the most wonderful man and soon to be called my husband!

We had made a reservation to a restaurant called Panefresco, located in the city center.
The service was very good, I think it also could do with my allergies. They were really careful because in Sweden they know how sensitive people can be.
The restaurant is not the most romantic one, but the food is awesome.

Italian food is simply one of the best!!

Delicious and great evening. Thank you darling for being with me every single day!

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