Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Wedding fair

Mum and I went to a wedding fair last weekend.
I had a lot higher expectations but I got some good things from it.
I'd say the reason for this was 
1. We already have my venue.
2. We have food and cake prep done.
3. Only ONE florist was there and not so much to show.
4. Not so many new and unique stuff.

I also wanted to find more accessories - not only rings.
And shoes. I bought shoes already but I still wanted to seek further options.
The ones I bought can be used for other occasions too.
But the ones who offered had a very small selection present. Such a shame..
And not so many "stores" were present. I still need to travel around the city..haha

We got some discount coupons to jewelry stores, hopefully we can use it to buy wedding rings!
My best buy were magazines and this book, mum got it for me but it has lots of tips so it will be fun reading ^^ I got a lot magazines cheap so I'm happy ^^

It was a good experience and it gave me some ideas, so I'm happy I attended!

Wedding plans are moving forward.


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