Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Brunch @ Sirap

I had a craving and asked my darling to go for brunch on Saturday morning as we woke up.
He thought it looked nice so we headed to the brunch café called Sirap (Syurp in English).
It was maybe 7-10 min walk from our house. And wow it was packed!!!!
The place was quite small and it was people everywhere, which means good food..lol
I asked the staff if they had a list or if we should just stand in line, they said just stay and wait, more people piled up and we said, we are in line and as soon as we get a table we will order, so in a way we created a queue. ^^
I wanted to give up, I guess hunger took over. But we stayed put, I really wanted those pancakes.
After 20 min we got ourselves a table in the very corner, super hard to access but a table.
We ordered and we got gigantic plates with deliciousness on them!!!!

I can so recommend this place but yes, you need to wait! And it's worth it. Be sure not too be starving though..haha

Everything was delicious and worth every penny, the place was so crowed, as some left new came!!
And all the orders came pretty quick considering the amount of people.

We also ordered coffee, both at the same price.
I took a regular coffee with milk and my darling a cappuccino.

And the highlight of the day...
Blueberry pancakes!!!

Next time I'm so only gonna go for the pancakes or French toast!! ^^

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