Monday, 20 February 2017

닭강정 Dinner

I had been craving this food for quite some time.
As my darling had canceled our plans for other things he felt like he needed to make up for it.
So he said he'd make me this for dinner.
We followed Seonkyeong Longest's video. But DO NOT put in jam in it!!!
Whatever you do...DON'T!!! Do not put in any kind of jam!
It totally ruined everything!! Add some syrup or sugar, but not the jam, I became quite sad as I had anticipated, the jam as a BIG BIG NO NO for me!! But the rest of the recipe.. awesome!! ^^

The food is called Dalk Gang Jeong and in English they call is cup chicken? I have no idea of the proper English name..haha
But if you go to Korea, this is a great street food! It's so delicious.

You find the recipe at the bottom that we followed.
But as said, do not use jam..haha

Anyway, it was my darling who made it so it was good :)

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