Monday, 7 August 2017

프로터치 컬러 마스터 섀도 팔레트

I got my hands on this item, people have been talking a lot about it and when I saw it on sale I couldn't help myself. And luckily I have my parents in law, this was sold out online so my mum in law went to the closest store and got it for me.
It was heavier than I expected since the size of each shadow is so small.
Anyway I love the mix of colours :)
It comes with 30 different colours - 21 matt, 7 shimmery and 2 glittery.
I was a bit sad, the glittery ones are not as good as I hoped, you don't see the glitter so well.
Also some of the very light colours are not very pigmented and you know layer on layer is not the best. However some of the darker ones gives a great colour, I like a lot!
Also see below are some way of what to mix to get the look.
I don't think I will buy this again, but I'm sure to use the colours I like until the end. It's good to bring for travel as there are so many colours, however it's quite large so not sure how to bring it...
well well.. it's an ok palette.


You can buy it here: Nature Republic Homepage

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