Thursday, 10 August 2017


Around 2 years since Lion Heart and a wooping 10 years has passed since 'Into the new world'. Looking they changed a lot. But who hasn't in 10 years. I was anticipating this KILLER album but sadly this is a typical SNSD album. One or two awesome songs, the rest you fast forward and is super happy you can listen to it on Spotify instead of paying xx amount of dollars for the actual album. I'm sorry but the disappointment is to big to hide.
I love the All Night however not sure if it's going to be good live. CD version...awesome. I also like the song One Last time a lot. but that's it. The song Yuri wrote for the fans is cute and it has a meaning, still.. I heard it once and Thank you. So sad that I only got a small taste of what I wished for, maybe it was me who wished for so so so much more? But we all know an anniversary means celebrations. And I'm still waiting!!!!!


1. Girls Are Back
2. All Night
3. Holiday
4. FAN
5. Only One
6. One Last Time
7. Sweet Talk
8. Love Is Bitter
9. 오랜 소원 (It’s You)
10. Light Up the Sky

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