Sunday, 13 August 2017

New Balance Retro-Sneaker 996

I found 2 gigantic holes in my shoes a few weeks ago.
Don't ask me, I did not bite on them. But it meant I needed new shoes.
In Sweden, I have no idea why but 85% of the shoes are Nike, 10% Adidas and 5% others.
I prefer others as N and A doesn't work well for my feet. And that leaves me with a very small option of shoes. Luckily I went to Germany this week so I was able to pick these up!
And... my darling has said to give them to me as birthday present :)
These are sooooooo cute. I actually wanted them in pink but my size was sold out. So i got them i  beige. Cute as well..and probably more useful.
I searched online and couldn't find these in Sweden, making me even more happy :)

Love my purchase!!!

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