Sunday, 3 June 2012

런닝맨 120603

To sum up part 2 of Running Man feat Park Ji-Sung

They asked IU what to call the other men, she called all of them oppa except Ji-Sung which she added "nim" - which is showing respect ^^
Then Song Ji-hyo asked Ji-sung if he had a real tattoo done, to which he answered it's a magical one - a fake one, which he got when giving out autographs at the fish market earlier ^^ so now we all know... Park Ji-Sung DOES NOT have a tattoo :P

After the spy game started... who'd captain Park choose? ^^
Meanwhile we could only hear the voice of the spy....and the others had to find clues.
Song Ji-Hyo's hint said Song, which she said made her confused, did it mean her last name "song" or as singing a "song" ^^
Yoo Jae-Suk's said "bachelor".
Ji-sung then patted Kim Jong-Guk on the back and he got surprised, afterwards they met with Ji-hyo who told them about the hint she had found. Then Jong-Guk joked with Ji-sung which made him empty his pockets and he almost took off his shoes :P
Later when Ji-Sung ran around about himself he said "Is it just me that looks at weird places" then asked the staff if they thought he looked funny :P So cute...
IU's hint say "taller than 160 cm"

All of them succeeded in surprising each other, Ji-Song and Ji-Hyo, HaHa and Ji-Sung - loved their reactions XD
IU also showed a funny side, herself would scream with a loud voice when it came to her but when came to the other cast members she looked at them with an evil eye ^^

Gary found his hint and took a staff member to help him getting it down... on the hint it said "H"
Could it possibly be HaHa who is the co-spy?! Gary shouted it out loud and the chase began, funny thing... noone thought of SONG Ji-Hyo XD
Finally they realised it and IU turned and looked at her unni :P

Later one... HaHa once again Haha escaped but captain Ji-sung showed what he's made of and catched him within 5 sec!!!
However he had nothing on his back... then IU quickly caught Ji-Hyo.. and on her back it said "Find the spy". Which they asked.. so is it her or not. HaHa then let his anger out when JaeSuk asked if it really was Ji-Hyo who was the spy.. "If you said Song Ji Hyo it's H you stupid, how many times did I say it you idiots?"
Then only 4 players left, 1 spy and 1 co-spy!!
In the end.... it showed.. Park Ji-Sung scouted Yoo Jae-Suk as co-spy ^^
Jae-Suk pulled off Jong-Guks nametag and Jisung pulled Jae-Suks.. and before pulling off IUs he said "sorry". IU believed there was only 1 spy..and not a co-spy too.. so she got pissed when she figured of that she could have had won the race.

The Running Man cast + Ji-Sung then headed for Incheon airport and to Thailand for the Dream Team...
Only 2 players could be in the Dream Team so they had to battle it out!
And to all their surprise.. the new MC was PARK JI SUNG XD
He said that Yoo Jae-Suk had gone back to Korea to do other work ^^;; Poor guy he just arrived in Thailand and stayed for a few hours before heading back...!!!

Ji-Sung said he was a fan of SNSD, Miss A, Wonder Girls and KARA.
Then he battled them out to say who his fave was..
SNSD vs Wonder girls = SNSD
Miss A vs KARA = Miss A
In the end...
SNSD vs Miss A = SNSD
The HaHa asked him who his fave member was in SNSD, but Ji-Sung said it was too hard to choose.. Then Jong-Guk said it was not to say who he wanted to date, just the one he liked..
The witty Ji-Sung replied: The one I'll have in my heart XD
And like most Korean men.. he chose Yoona as his fave member among the SNSD members.
Then he was asked to send her a message, using informal language (friend style).. he said: Yoona ya, Oppa's (I'm) on vacation right now, do u have time to meet? XD

The day continues with mission and much laughter :)
Jeong Dae-Se showed up, he's playing for the North Korean national team. Also he and Gary looked similar - almost like twins :P
In the end Gary and Jong-Guk won and could enter the Dream Team! Suddenly Rio Ferdinand showed up!!!
And the Running Man cast asked if he had seen the show, Ji-Sung said he had only explained it to him... HaHa asked if Rio remembered him and he said yes, and that he was thankful to HaHa who had sent him Chocopie 2 years ago, he said he had posted photos on his twitter thanking ^^ then being disappointed that HaHa is not following him! (then HaHa would have had seen the photos)
One of my fave players in the S.Korean national team... Lee Chung-Yong  was also present at the game


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Thanks for translating so much of the show. I was cuious regaring Park's tattoo

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i really thought he had a tattoo XD

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Do you know where I can find this subbed?