Sunday, 19 July 2015

Classic Q Natasha

With 10 min left before Galeries Lafayette closed I was lucky to get this one.
It was 50% sale and that was also a main reason why I bought it so quickly.
I have wanted a bag from Marc Jacobs for years, however as they are quite pricey it not something you just go and buy like that. I had taken a look at quite few ones, same line, the Classic Q Natasha, however I couldn't find the colour I wanted - wine/red/green/white..
I wanted black, but it's never on sale as it's the classic one! Also, I have the gray wallet so it would look stupid to have it in the same colour. So in the end I went for this one, Beige! I really like the beige colour, it's good all year around!
I'm super happy I found it for such a great price!!! A wish came through ^^

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