Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Langos Lunch

A second lunch entry...
but I'm so behind on my posts it can't be helped.

Ever since I was young, Langos is the dish you eat at carnivals, amusement parks etc.
However it's not like I visit them often, in other words, it has been a long time since I ate one.
Me and my bf found it a few weeks ago as we passed by a rock festival in central Stockholm. And let me just say, this is probably a Swedish thing. My bf did not get it at all XD
I told my friend about it and she was jealous, so I guess our upbringing makes this a huge difference. My bf eats most things, but I would not add this to his top 10 list of foods I have introduced him too.
But I on the other hand was extremely satisfied. ^^ I guess I can last for a while now lol
I had a "normal" one while by bf tried a curry inspired one. ^^

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